Hot Single!

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Exciting news! The first single, Scrapbook, is released!  You can find it on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming media,.  The Scrapbook EP is in progress once again, with a change in producers and a full head of steam, we will be finishing up the remaining 5 songs.  I will be releasing the next single, Comfort Blues, as a fund-raiser for the Marilyn Stroud Music Alive Program, putting instruments in the hands of young musicians to help them realize their dreams to become artists.  Good things ahead, stay tuned!


2019 Fall Preview

Summer 2019 has been a time of reprieve and recovery, but there are exciting things coming as fall finds its way through this heat wave.  The Scrapbook EP has been on a prolonged hiatus, and now is underway once again. The first single release, "Scrapbook" has gotten great reviews and is on local music rotation on 91.3 The Summit. The next single, "Comfort Blues" will be utilized to raise money for the Marilyn Stroud Music Alive program - stay tuned for more exciting developments. Thanks for listening!


Indiegogo Campaign

I just recently launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for the Scrapbook EP. I wanted to give my supporters a chance to contribute to the project - and it was a chance to get some cool merch made. I got guitar picks, beer glasses, and t-shirts on the way. More importantly, I put out a sample of the real goods - the music - Scrapbook, the song, is done and I couldn't be happier with the results! I can't wait to see what else we can accomplish! Check it out here:


UFO's and Ohio Mysteries

Ohio Mysteries Podcast reached out, looking for local artists to feature on their podcast episodes. I answered, and it just so happened that they used my song for their UFO episode!  Seriously, this is an engaging story! They always have engaging stories about Ohio history, but this one has got to be the coolest and most interesting (the truth is out there).  I'm so grateful for their going out of their way to support local artists. Check out the links and listen to the episode


Ohio Mysteries podcast

Check out Ohio Mysteries podcast and listen for my music! 

Each week Paula and Stephen explore unsolved murders, lost shipwrecks, local legends and more! www.ohiomysteries.com www.facebook.com/ohiomysteries www.patreon.com/ohiomysteries www.twitter.com/mysteriesohio 




The Language of Music

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Music is one of the four classical liberal arts that make up the quadrivium. It has been suggested that the quadrivium reveals the intangible laws of the universe to our senses. And, that if geometry (numbers in space) reveals to the eyes that we live in a world filled with patterns and harmonies, then music (numbers in time) is the language by which these truths can be expressed to the ears. Maybe this explains the power of music to communicate a thought or emotion beyond any other means.