Muses, the Shadow, and Artificial Somnambulism

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it" Michaelangelo

"You don't write the melodies. You find them. They lie there on the keys waiting..."  Hoagy Carmichael


How would you describe creativity? The concept seems to transcend the rigors of formal psychology and even philosophy to deconstruct, categorize, or define it.  The ancient Greeks utilized mythology to do so, in the form of the Nine Muses, creativity goddesses who come down to earth and whisper inspiration.  In fact many people known for their creativity describe elements of passivity in the process, as if they are a mere conduit for the ideas that flow through them - and this concept keeps resurfacing as I dig to understand and refine my own creative process of songwriting.  I write songs as I feel the compulsion, many times an idea will repeat in my head, driving me crazy til I finish the song just to get some relief - so, who or what is compelling me?  My subconcious mind trying to purge out what I keep cramming into it? Unresolved kharma from past lives? Is that just the way my brain is wired?  I prefer the conduit theory, that I am some sort of instrument through which 9 beautiful goddesses whisper - something divine that totally gets screwed up and twisted into something "Guy" by the time I'm done with it.  But I guess they're okay with that cuz they haven't cut me off yet

A fascinating interview with Author and Psychotherapist, Adam Crabtree on the topic:


Start at 42:45

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