Hey all you astral souls! Well, a lot has happened since I updated this site, 2019 was quite a rollercoaster ride, and 2020 is completely off the freakin' rails, so I just wanted to reach out and connect with anyone who will possibly happen to see this. As a 1st responder, I have been able to  continue working, but my heart goes out to my fellow artists who have struggled to make ends meet through these pandemic restrictions, and I have  been trying to support them as best i can throughout these tumultuous times. I am despondent over the measures that have been taken and the long-term toll it will take before this is over, there are simply no words, no course of action to take against such tyranny. Personal update - my Scrapbook EP project, in the works for 2 years, is on hiatus indefinitely. I have to focus on things that bring me joy and that I have control over - I am refocusing on simply writing new songs, my first love in the first place, and the Cleveland Songwriting Challenge Group has helped me conquer my nearly year-long writer's block, and I am churning out new creations  again!  As far as recording, I have done a couple stripped-down blues recordings with Jim Stewart of Superior Sounds - "Sacred Lullaby" and "Shattered," and released them on streaming media. 91.3  The Summit is playing Sacred Lullaby on the 330, yay!   Please remember to love and support one another, now more than ever! 

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