Up and running

As the colective consciousness continues to awaken from compulsory hibernation and we as individuals are taking inventory of what we are left to work with, I just want to send out a note of encouragement as well as an update on what I have been up to.  It seems lately that the things that have had the most profound positive impact on me have been the simplest of things - a kind word or glance in passing, a feeling of gratitude for things once taken for granted, the folk wisdom of trite but true mantras  (for ex, The Serenity Prayer).  My encouragement is to keep it simple. Be kind, patient, forgiving, slow to anger, invent ways to be more loving, temper your love with wisdom - do these first toward yourself, then let it overflow to others.

So about music, 2021 has been an amazing year so far.  I have been writing a lot of new material, collaborating with some amazing artists in the studio, meeting new people as the open mics are popping back up.  I released a single called Avalon, with Chrissy Strong on keyboards, Sarah Behal on violin and viola, and recorded and produced by David Mayfield - three artists I had never met before.  Also we have picked up working on the Scrapbook EP project at Realgrey Studio, adding songs to make it a full album, it will be a collective of recordings with various groups of artists who have been gracious enough to step in and share their talents along the way over the years. Look for an album release and release party in the hopefully near future.  Stay tuned for more live shows, new songs and collaborative recording projects.  And most of all, thank you for listening!