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Music is one of the four classical liberal arts that make up the quadrivium. It has been suggested that the quadrivium reveals the intangible laws of the universe to our senses. And, that if geometry (numbers in space) reveals to the eyes that we live in a world filled with patterns and harmonies, then music (numbers in time) is the language by which these truths can be expressed to the ears. Maybe this explains the power of music to communicate a thought or emotion beyond any other means. A song can instantly transport you back to a time and place, almost as if you are there - along with a flood of sights, sounds, and emotions that you felt at that time.  Most of the songs that I have written throughout the years have become reminders of chapters in my life, and for years I just kept them to myself because I didn't think they were worth sharing. I have spent the last four years learning guitar, finding my voice, and getting out into the community to tell my story through music; and the journey has not been easy, but has been so unexpectedly rewarding.  I have met so many amazing people along the way - I can't think of a better way to connect with other humans than to tell our stories to each other - turns out we aren't so different; and I'd like to think that those shared thoughts and emotions resonate in some kind of collective harmony - through the universal language of music!

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