The Year of Trials

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Ok, it has been how long since my last confession?  Honestly, I remember every once in awhile that I have a website that no one sees, lol. But I realize now that it is the perfect medium by which to think out loud, process my thoughts, just an outlet to do some good old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness blogging.  I would be ignoring the proverbial giant-ass elephant in the room by not mentioning how 2020 has impacted me. We have all been impacted in ways that, I think, we won't fully comprehend until many years down the road.  We have all felt the weight of the burdens and employed our own specific coping mechanisms.  Personally, I had taken the road of the skeptic; questioning the ambiguous wholesale mainstream narrative, raising the unthinkable possibilities that social, political, psychological, and economic treachery has been upon us on a global scale - so.....I haven't been very popular on social media, in fact, I have lost friends and suffered (I hope not irreparable) damage to valuable relationships.  Recently, though, I have tried shifting to a new focus, restructuring thought paradigms into more edifying and encouraging constructs.  Trying to focus on gratitude practices, meditation/presence practices, and shadow-work to learn genuine, unconditional love for myself and others.  I so miiss music-centerdd social interactions in the community, but have been grateful for the time alone I have had for creativity, self-reflection, and songwriting.   My hope is that all who read this find encouragement and hope in the midst of chaos - I truly believe that the trials that 2020 has presented will one day be valued as cathartic catalysts for change for the better, both as individuals and as a collective social organism. Never stop learning, growing, and loving. Stay tuned for more, blessing to you all. For vids of my corona-era song creations, visit my facebook.com/guyrandallartist

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