Rebuilding Resilience

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"For the times they are a-changin'" - Bob Dylan

2022 has felt like a long-awaited spring after an especially cruel and bitter winter, with the renewed ability to take advantage of opportunities once taken for granted - vacationing with my family, attending concerts and music festivals, etc.  My family and I had an absolute blast this summer!  So now that summertime funtime is over, I am focusing on how to transition the near unbearable weight of the previous 2 years into momentum for the next two years and beyond.  Every experience, no matter how devastating, is an opportunity to learn and grow - so that is how I have chosen to move forward, through learning and growth.   My superpower is catharsis through songwriting, and the times have certainly provided an ample stockpile of fuel for the fires of creativity. Stay tuned for new mateial, stay strong for the new age.  Are we not men and women of resilience?  We shall forge onward and forward through the darkest of nights toward the brightest of lights - and we shall overcome. 

Much Love,


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